You Are The Reason

or Listen, the Mirror of Erised, or the Dreamer, or Be Thou My Vision

by Nicole Marie Hilton, Tuesday, September 13th, 2022

I’m a dreamer.

Always have been, Always will be.

Ever since I was born, I can remember looking around and thinking, Oh–this life is amazing! And it can be even better! I can actually remember looking around and seeing only shining, beautiful possibility.

So, let me share some of my dreams with you. If you’re turned off, that’s fine. You don’t have to read on.

I’m dreaming about freeing Amber Phillips, who is being wrongfully imprisoned in the Utah County Jail, in a padded cell for months now.

I’m dreaming about having an editor who can take my computer as well as all of my files and journals and just run with it!

I’m dreaming of a world where people don’t judge you off of your beliefs, your sexual orientation, your religion, your smarts, or your politics, but rather off of the content of your character.

I’m dreaming about leaving my bed and being able to walk up Webb Hill one morning.

I’m dreaming about having a massage therapist who knows how to help paraplegics.

I’m dreaming about having an assistant who has a brain who can hold all of the things I cannot hold, and who is very type A–enough to let me be types B to Z.

I’m dreaming about making Ayahuasca ceremonies legal in the United States of America.

I’m dreaming about acting as the character of Cinder when they make The Lunar Chronicles into a movie! 😀

I’m dreaming about opening my healing center–the _____ ___________ ____________ _______ ___ _________which Spirit told me I’ll be opening someday.

I’m dreaming about my family reading this blog, and–eventually, my other one as well.

I’m dreaming about having my children’s book—How the Devil Lost His Butt—be published this year.

I’m dreaming about going to a Dr. Dispenza retreat with a friend, and learning how to meditate.

I’m dreaming about having Oprah introduce the new healing method I’ve found to the entire world in order to heal everyone who needs and desires healing and to usher in a new era.

I’m dreaming about dating my future husband, who my Lord and Savior has revealed to me.

I’m dreaming about having so much money that I can donate 1,000,000’s to Operation Underground Railroad and help rescue all of the sex traffic survivors in the entire world.

All of these dreams, and more, I believe, is what I saw after Jesus Christ took me down from riding Modoc the Elephant in heaven, and took me by the hand, escorting me up the stairs into the Palace, and letting me gaze into the Mirror of Erised/the Pensieve (which are actually one and the same in Heaven).

And I’m dreaming about having people who believe in me and my dreams–which are very, very large–“out of proportion”, some might say–for this little girl sitting and typing in her bed in her parent’s house, with legs that don’t work even enough to grab her wheelchair from across the room.

Calum Scott and Leona Lewis sing You Are The Reason. (Change lyrics to “I’m hopeful now”)

And…I need you to see that you…You are the reason I do everything. You are the reason I breathe in and out everyday. You are the reason I am trying my best to be brave. You are the reason I was split into personalities too numerous that I haven’t been able to count them, and why I’ve held on this long. You are the reason I’ve healed to the point I have.

Amber is the reason I’m losing my sleep–she’s been wrongfully imprisoned and away from her son
Kassie and I–both survivors of SRA
I’ve promised to help these kids
These are some of my beloved friends
And finally, a picture of my friend Amber, when i was homeless and right out of Jail. She’s the one who is suffering so badly, being parted from her son–wrongfully imprisoned. It’s strange to me that she was there for me and now I’m trying to be there for her–and she’s in a worse situation–and I can’t do anything about it. #freeamber

Published by Nicole Marie Hilton

Hi, I'm Nicole. I suffer from amnesia and multiple personalities caused by childhood trauma and a gauntlet of spiritual Satanic abuse. Professionals refer to this as Dissociative Identity Disorder and Satanic Ritual Abuse (DID/SRA). The wounds and evil programming from DID/SRA create a continuing cycle of spiritual, emotional, mental, and social destruction for the victim and their loved ones. Most professional therapists misdiagnose or misunderstand it and do more harm than good. Healing requires plunging the very depths of Christ's atonement for the victims and their loved ones. The process exposes Satan's methods and Christ's power, and this knowledge is essential to anyone seeking to ascend above this mortality. This is the story of my wounding and my ongoing healing with my Savior Jesus Christ.

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