My Birthday Chiasmus Miracle 12/02/2021

I guess it’s my Special Day…

It’s my birthday today. I love my family. My family loves me. Today’s my birthday. 

Notice what I did there?? I created what’s called a palindrome—or a chiasmus—something that is replete throughout the scriptures and even in the recent movie Tenet—which is based off of this amazing chiasmus, with was found in the ruins of an ancient town in Rome, I believe:

Well, my Relief Society President texted me the following: 

Then, I texted what she said to the family, and my brother Levi really put it into perspective for me even more:

I don’t have anything else to say about my birthday chiasmus miracle. Just that it’s interesting and…I dunno, like, spiritually creepy? Like, what else is God trying to tell me today from this miracle?

And now my brother Daniel had just sent me THIS!!!!! Are you friggin’ kidding me?! 

So, my age, 33, is a palindrome, and my birth date is a palindrome and an ambigram!! when JJ heard this, he said the cosmos has spoken: “This is the year you arrive!”

Published by Nicole Marie Hilton

Hi, I'm Nicole. I suffer from amnesia and multiple personalities caused by childhood trauma and a gauntlet of spiritual Satanic abuse. Professionals refer to this as Dissociative Identity Disorder and Satanic Ritual Abuse (DID/SRA). The wounds and evil programming from DID/SRA create a continuing cycle of spiritual, emotional, mental, and social destruction for the victim and their loved ones. Most professional therapists misdiagnose or misunderstand it and do more harm than good. Healing requires plunging the very depths of Christ's atonement for the victims and their loved ones. The process exposes Satan's methods and Christ's power, and this knowledge is essential to anyone seeking to ascend above this mortality. This is the story of my wounding and my ongoing healing with my Savior Jesus Christ.

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